Cyber Security Threats: Myth or Reality?

Locking down the laptops, using encryption for sensitive information, providing a limited access to the financial data is the reality in the digital age. You never know the cyber security risk you place your data at to a full content. Today, data security is not just about cyber security. It is about business-driven security. To understand the measures of a cyber security issue in the world, just take a look at the major cyber security events that have happened over the past couple of months. Believe us, you’ll be surprised. Every day, millions of people and thousands of companies all over the world struggle not only with the company’s financial problems, but also with those, related to the data security. Cyber criminals attack smaller and bigger companies, tiny platforms as well as huge corporations literally all the time. But it is not the actual damage that those attacks do, but the industry-threatening perspective they give.

Analyzing the latest cyber activity, we can say that the hacker industry has become more developed and complicated. Cyber crime is now offered as a separate service online and the hackers view their activity as morally allowed and normal one. And that is probably the biggest threat to any company involved in the online world. What we can do globally is to engage every person to be interested in protecting his/her own devices against cyber
criminals by themselves. How? If you’re using a VPN, even if you’re not into online business, you take part in data protection as well, contributing to global security. If you’re interested, click to read detail about VPNs and what they can do for you.

As you can see, cyber security threats are more than real in 2018. But what is the future of the industry? And how can a VPN particularly help now to build a shield against the whole industry of cyber crimes in the future?

The Importance of Cyber Security Awareness

Any business should be fully aware of a cyber security issue while placing its data on the cloud. No matter whether you own a small company in deep countryside, or a huge corporation in the biggest cities in the world, the moment you place your workload online you face the risk of cyber crime industry. It is a huge misconception that only the biggest companies and rapidly growing industries struggle with the hacker attacks. In fact, smaller companies are more vulnerable to cyber criminals than those already well-protected organizations with their own IT security departments.

Millions of versions of new malware are released every day, focusing and targeting literally every kind of information, placed online. That malware is so specific that using an antivirus program is one of the most ineffective ways to protect the data. And it is not about smartphones and laptops only. Every smart device, no matter whether it is a tablet, a watch, or a toaster, sooner or later will face the problem of a cyber security. Of course, the developers should look into the future and minimize the risks of those devices being affected by viruses, but there is something that everyone can do already in order to protect their data. However, not everyone is doing this.

Believe it or not, but having a VPN by a single person only makes a difference for the global data security industry. Billions of the devices are connected all over the world. So, protecting at least one of the devices you have partially helps to protect the other connected devices. Let’s have a closer look what exactly a VPN service installed on your PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet or all of these gadgets at the same time gives you. If you want to get more info about a variety of services presented on the market, search online. There is an abundance of really advanced VPNs right now.

Why VPN?

  • The ability to complete online financial operations any time you want it. Even if you
    have a Mac system, which is, of course, of a high quality, your computer is not 100%
    protected when you connect to a public network. All of us have situations when we
    need to do banking somewhere else except our workplace. But connecting to a public network without having a VPN automatically places your information at the highest risk possible. Doing banking online in the airport or in the restaurant doesn’t make it a secure activity only because the WiFi signal is provided by the restaurant or airport officially. The problem is that the hackers might share the same network with you at the moment. So, nothing stops them from examining your device to get potentially interesting sensitive data.
  • The second important reason to use a VPN is the anonymity it provides. A VPN is not only about encryption and making your device invisible to the hackers. It is also about making your computer protected from the websites you’re visiting by faking your IP address. You’ve probably noticed many times that a lot of websites identify and remember your IP address using it for marketing goals later. And those websites do not even hide the fact they spy on your traffic. A VPN is a great tool to stop this.

What a service does is hiding your IP address by replacing it with a fake one, which is
the IP address of the server you’re connecting to through the VPN. What we want you to keep in mind is that your data is easily accessed by different government agencies and simply by hackers if not being encrypted. Each system, even if it is the best one on the market, contains security flaws. And when your data is sent from your device without any cyber security shield, it automatically faces the risk of being stolen by a hacker. So, think twice before placing both your personal and financial information on the
cloud if you don’t have at least the simplest service to protect it. Use a VPN and don’t limit
your Internet activity because of the hackers and malware out there.

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