Did you know Block.One spent $30 Million to purchased Voice.com?

Yes, that’s the right dollar amount $30 Million, surpassing previous record holder Sex.com back in 2010 for $13 Million sale.

“The biggest publicly reported all cash domain sale of all time was revealed Tuesday (June 18, 2019). With the $30 million sale of Voice.com more than doubling the $13 million paid for previous record holder Sex.com back in 2010” (2019, DNJournal.com)

What is the Voice? This is not “The Voice” singing contest or the Google Voice, it is a new project by Block.One the company that brought you EOS Public Blockchain. According to Block.One News the “Voice” is to bring alignment and transparency to Social Media, a blockchain-based social media platform will reward and return control to social media users. This is the same concept of Steem where you write and publish post, the community upvotes your post and earn rewards in Steem.

The Block.One management team knows the long term value of Voice.com acquisition. The Voice.com domain name purchased of $30 Million through GoDaddy Domain Broker Service was credited with facilitation of sale in which the seller is MicroStrategy Inc.

Last June 1, 2019. Block.One announced the Voice.com in “Request beta access” mode. As of this date, you can go to the website, submit your information and wait. I’m curious to this project so I registered and now waiting for my account.

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