Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are not accessible.

Today is not a good day for social media giant Facebook and it’s other networks e.g. Instagram and Whatsapp. It seems the infrastructure design is dependent on each other or using shared network resources. All of them are not accessible at this time. If that is the case, that is a poor design.

Could it be a successful hack? As of writing this article, no one is claiming and no evidence of any intrusion from any malicious user/group out there.

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Alternative social media out there:

  1. https://Twitter.com
  2. https://Parler.com
  3. https://Gag.com
  4. https://OnlineBuzZ.com
  5. https://BlurtWorld.com

Update to follow.

10/5/2021 – The shutdown caused by a “configuration changed”. The Facebook network down time for 6 hours cost the stocks to dip $1B+ according to Stuart Varney at Fox Business.

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