Most execs say they don’t know who to call when security issues come up

Most high-level executives are highly confident in the cybersecurity of their supply chain, despite lacking comprehensive understanding of the essential components that make a software supply chain secure, a new report has claimed.

In its “Global C-suite security survey” report, CloudBees found 95% of respondents described their software supply chains as secure, while 93% said they were ready to handle a ransomware attack, or a similar threat against their supply chain.

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Tips for Handling a Cyber Incident Review

When an incident occurs, every organization’s first concern is (and should be) business continuity and data integrity. The next priority must be identifying whose personal data was potentially affected. In cyber incidents occurring on structured data, this can be an easier task, as reports can be pulled from databases or HR systems to create the notification list. However, when unstructured data is implicated – whether in a business email compromise or ransomware incident – getting to the bottom of who needs to be notified can be a more difficult task.

The first stage in these unstructured data scenarios is to identify the overall scope of the incident – what data was accessed and must be searched for potentially sensitive data. In this phase, in-house attorneys and/or outside counsel typically work with data experts to determine what the threat actors accessed and what types of information is in that data.

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Cyber criminals exploit fan craze around new James Bond film ‘No Time to Die’

Cyber criminals are exploiting the buzz around the new James Bond film No Time to Die and are targeting unsuspecting fans by attacking them through malware, according to cyber security company company Kaspersky.

Hackers are running malicious ads, pop-ups and movie-related phishing websites that promise free access to the movie, the Moscow company found. The suspicious links intend to attack users with various types of potential malware and unwanted software when they click on links masquerading as movie files of the film.

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