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Having a bad day losing your files due to a corrupted hard disk, memory cards, external hard drives, USB stick and others? Here a couple of tools you can try to recover your files.

I downloaded a free copy of Recuva current version is v1.53. When I install it, I did not include the CCleaner utility simply because I don’t need it for this specific issue. So, I selected No thanks, I don’t need CCleaner. Click on Install.

Next is to click on Run Recuva.

The welcome Recuva wizard, click on Next.

Question about File Type. What sort of files are you trying to recover? I select All Files, click on Next to continue. Of course, you can select Documents to show only files of common office document formats, such as Word or Excel files.

Where were the files? I click option “In a specific location” so I can browse to the my target hard drive. In my case, I browse on E:\ where my external hard drive is connected. Click Next.

I put check on “Enable Deep Scan“. Click Start to proceed. Now we wait for the scan to complete.

Please note. As of writing this guide, the Recuva is free with Advanced file recovery. There is a Recuva Professional version with the following features.

  • Advance file recover
  • Virtual hard drive support
  • Automatic updates
  • Premium support

See the comparison below, taken from their website.

Another recover tool to check is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. As they advertise, it will “Recover Files from Hard Drive Lost Due to Delete, Format, Damage, Corrupt or Other Errors by 3 Steps completely & Safely.

Unlike Recuva, EaseUS you can try it for free and you can activate your license if you decided to purchase a copy.

It is straight forward to install and use, just select your hard drive or USB stick to scan and wait for the results.

You will be able to see the scanned files right away. Check the sub-folders as listed below.

  • Temporary folders
  • $Recycle.bin
  • Other lost files
  • etc..

Continue to look around and see if you’re successful using any of these files recovery tools. If you’re in File Recovery Data business, and you have something better please don’t hesitate to let us know. Use the form below to leave as feedback.

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