Earn $ for making friends.

Welcome Y’2017, looking for a Prosperous and Healthy New Year. To start, we need to make more friends and earn $ points at the same time. That’s concept to keep the friendship going, having more virtual friends and make money at the same time by earning $ points in almost every activities at website. Accompanied by Friends Accompanied by Friends

How to earn $ points?

  • Register a New Account earn points.
  • Reading articles, post, your update earn points.
  • Checking other members profile earn points.
  • Responding to forum inquiries earn points.
  • Comments to articles, forum post, friend’s update earn points.
  • almost every action earn points

Though some actions will deduct points e.g. Creating new topic in Forum or post update. The “new” members must have 100 $ points to post, this is to minimize auto-bot spam post and keep the community clean. I think that’s a smart move.

From website.

Did you earn Money using any Social Networks?
Facebook, SnapChat and other social network makes a lot of money using your profiles, pictures, discussion, conversation and other personal data. Did you receive money, gift or any motivational words from them? It’s time to take control of your own data, make money with your profile, pictures, discussion, reading news, and earn more $ points to make friends. Read our blog for more information.

Come check it out, visit website and make friends.

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