Your Dream Yoga Retreat – On a Budget!

Yoga retreats in Bali, particularly the exclusive high end ones, tend to add fuel the argument that yoga is for a select – elite group of people. But i tend to disagree. Not all of us might be able to afford the ultra luxurious retreats, but not to worry, there are enough retreats out there at all price points. If lucky enough, you might even be able to take part in a luxury retreat at an affordable price point.

  1. Your Budget

First of all, you need to be clear about what you can afford. Price is always the crucial factor, so you need to figure it out. If you’re feeling really tight about money right now, plan and set aside some for an eventual retreat. Putting away some lunch money or picking up a weekend job will definitely help!

  1. Yoga Vibes

Whether looking for a super serious retreat, a party on the beach, a winter warm-up, introspective and solitary or making new friends from all over the world, additional activities like surfing and zip-lining, choices are plenty.

However the more activities a retreat offers, the pricier it will become. So, when on a budget, look for a suitable retreat that focuses on what it does best.

  1. The Destination and Transportation

The more exotic (read: remote) the retreat is, the pricier it is going to be. Travel doesn’t come cheap, so choose your destination appropriately. Also, pick places to go to on a budget (definitely not Dubai or Costa Rica).

When choosing a retreat that doesn’t include transportation, check out what is available. If it comes included, it’s better (and safer) to opt for the same.

  1. The Trainer

The more “famous” the teacher, more big the spend. But, unless you’re eating 10 course meals that include wine and the toilets plated in gold and daily private sessions, there’s no reason to paying through the nose.

If you want to train with a famous teacher and the price way out of your budget, contact them to ask if they would consider accommodating your budget. You might be able to help out some, offsetting the costs.

  1. The Food

Retreats usually provide some food (usually breakfasts and dinners.) Private chefs are expensive, and cooking your own food takes away the fun of a vacation. Full board would be great, but would drive up the cost and take away the pleasure of exploring the locality you’re in.

Vegan or vegetarian food is often the standard at yoga retreats and while mostly it’s due to the system itself, and it also doesn’t hurt that meat is expensive. See what kind of food is served, and if they have a vegetarian menu, you can ask for a discount if you choose to forego meat.

If you have a large social media following pitch the teacher to promote the retreat and write a review for your followers. Since marketing the retreat is hard, teachers might be willing to give you a discount. Be prepared and make a pitch with all the numbers and stats of your social media platforms. A little effort might just get you the into the yoga retreat at Bali that you always dreamed about!

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