How Companies Can Capitalize on the Latest Gaming Trends

As an active company in the gaming industry, it’s a smart strategy to take the latest gaming trends and use them to your advantage. This way, you can gain more customers, boost profits, and also grow your brand image — the benefits are almost endless.

So, what are the latest gaming trends? Here are 4 of the most exciting gaming trends that your company
needs to capitalize on this year.

Online Gambling
Online gambling is fast becoming a big part of the gaming world. This is illustrated through online casino games, which have exploded in popularity. In a nutshell, traditional gaming is considered by many to be dated and boring. This is where online gambling games come into the equation, as they add some much-needed excitement to the gaming experience. How? By allowing people to play games while also competing for real money at the same time.

An excellent example of this is online roulette. Here, you can play many different variations of online roulette, such as Hockey Fever Roulette and Gridiron Roulette, all with real money. The only catch is that you need to be above the legal gambling age, which is either 18 or 21 in most countries.

Taking this into account, it’s recommended that your company starts to dip its toes into the online gambling industry. Launching games that incorporate real-money gambling (which is the key factor) can attract more mature audiences to come and play your games.

DLC or downloadable content is a guaranteed money-maker for companies.
This is why Infinity Ward (the creators of the Call of Duty franchise) have added so much DLC to their games over the years. Players love it and it makes the company money, so (from a business standpoint) you can’t question it.

In terms of the DLC itself, it can come in many different forms. For example, new maps and map extensions are usually made available in DLC packages that players have the option to buy. In return, they get a more ‘complete’ gameplay experience.

Cross-Platform Play
Back in the old days, companies would never allow their games to be cross-platform. However, this has all started to change over recent years, as more games than ever are cross-platform.

Most recently, the FIFA franchise (now known as EA FC) started allowing players to face off against each other on different platforms. As a result, PlayStation 5 users could finally play XBOX Series X/S users, which is something that people have been demanding for a very long time.

Over the coming decade, cross-platform compatible games are going to be a huge revenue driver for companies. Make sure to remember this, as it’s a trend that will change the industry forever.

Multiple Payment Options

The final trend for today is multiple payment options.

Most online games on the market now allow players to purchase in-game items and DLC extensions using multiple payment options, from online banking to PayPal. This way, no player is left out, and profits can continue to remain high.

No matter what type of gaming products you launch, make sure you have multiple payment options available so you don’t accidentally turn away potential buyers.

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