How to Archive & Backup Entourage Mail on Mac

Do you need to Backup Entourage Mail on Mac? Get solutions on how to Archive Entourage emails to backup emails in Entourage.

How to Backup Entourage Mail on Mac?

Some users use Entourage for emailing purpose and use Time Machine for taking backups. In Entourage, all the mail data gets stored in 1 single big database that becomes larger and larger each time the user receives or sends any mail message. Also, to have such a huge database precisely means that database corruption is going to happen frequently. And for the to Backup Entourage Mail, the Time Machine is used for saving up all data, whether the data is new, one time in each hour. This means that Entourage takes up a lot of space on this Time Machine’s drive. Also, if any user is making use of the Entourage database, then to backup emails in Entourage with Time machine are not that much reliable. So in such cases, how the users can archive entourage email on their Mac system? One time in every week (or may be often when the user feels comfortable to do so), users must back up their Entourage database to some other location on their machine. By this, the Time Machine backs up the email database in a proper way. Here are the steps of to take Backup Entourage Mail:

  • Quit Entourage
  • Go to Home folder
  • Go to Documents folder
  • Here, there exists a folder named MS User Data
  • Now, open this particular folder
  • Inside this, there is a folder known as Office 2008 identities (or maybe Office 2004 Identities, if using 2004)
  • Then, go to this particular folder
  • There is a folder named Main Identity
  • There may be even multiple such folders saying Main Identity 1, or say Main Identity 2 so on and so forth
  • If there are multiple folders, figure out which folder holds current mailing database
    For this, open each and every folder and then find the file known as Database having that day’s date
  • Once figuring out which of the Main-Identity folders is holding the current database, copy that particular folder
  • Then, hold the Option key down
  • After that click & drag that Main-Identity folder to some other location in the User folder
  • Once that folder is copied over, try renaming it for avoiding confusion with Entourage
  • Name according to that day’s date as well as “Main Identity” or “Entourage backup
    And then, the next time whenever it runs, Time Machine backs up this Main-Identity backup folder to archive entourage email on mac.
  • Users can also keep such Main-Identity folders in multiple numbers having several backup dates. as a matter of fact, more the user frequently follows such instructions for backing up Entourage database, lesser would be the mail loss if cases Entourage gets corrupt and user needs to revert to some previous backup

How to Backup Entourage Mail on an External Hard Disk Drive?

MS Entourage emailing application was an MS Office suite’s part for the Mac version until the version 2010, after which it got replaced with MS Outlook email program. Now, the user’s settings and messages get saved inside the “Main-Identity” folder that nests in the home directory; so users can speedily back up their entire mail contents particularly of this Entourage profile by making a copy of this particular folder. Both Entourage email client as well Outlook mailing program use a similar format to store emails, so users can even export as well as archive entourage emails as single mail or an entire folder of emails and then open them later in MS Outlook or some other compatible email client.

  • Click Documents
  • Go to Microsoft User Data
  • And then to Office (year) Identities
  • Now, inside this particular folder, find the sub-folder known as the Main Identity folder
  • And then, holding down the “Option” key, drag this “Main Identity” folder into the external drive window
  • This makes a copy on that drive
  • To back up any specific emails, first open Entourage
  • And now, find specific mail messages or whole folder of mail messages for which you need to Backup Entourage Mail
  • Then, drag that message or that folder into external drive window to archive entourage email.
  • Messages will appear as EML files and folders will appear MBOX files
  • Now, make use of the “import” function of any of the email clients supporting either EML files or MBOX files for transferring this backed-up mail messages from Entourage into that particular email client or may just leave those files on disk for the purpose of safekeeping them

Hassle-Free Solution to Archive Entourage Emails

To Backup Entourage Mail, in the case when you have multiple systems can be very time-consuming. Creating an MBOX file is an easy task, yet if a user doesn’t not possess any email client that can open MBOX file, then its merely a useless. Suppose if a user has outlook installed on windows environment, then it can be very tiresome for a user to convert into outlook file, which is practically not possible. Then here’s an ultimate solution that will guide you backup Entourage data &  convert .mbox to outlook emails.


The article explained in detail about the process of taking backup of Entourage mail on Mac as well as on email clients and any external device as well using the manual as well as a trouble-free way to Backup Entourage Mail. Both Entourage email client as well Outlook mailing program use similar format to store mails, so users can hassle-free way to archive entourage emails


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