The 5 Best Infotainment Systems in the Market

Car buyers are increasingly taking the infotainment system into consideration when choosing which car to buy. Gone are the days where they would be happy with a CD player and a radio; car buyers now want an infotainment system that they can show off to their passengers; making their driving much easier with navigational help.

All of the big manufacturers have been putting large efforts into developing the best and safest infotainment systems that include features such as Google Earth navigation, touchscreen; including speed dial type options for your frequent calls. Bluetooth connectivity is becoming standard, as is voice command.

With electronic devices adapting at increasingly high rates, many teenagers and future drivers will be swayed by the infotainment systems embedded into their vehicles. Many provisional drivers use the internet to practise their online driving theory test, and  mobile phone app stores are preventing distracted driving accidents by disabling some of the phone’s functionality. Therefore, infotainment systems which allow an electronically- dependent generation to play their music, use WiFi and navigate is incredibly sort after.

Out of all of the manufacturers, here are the ones that are scoring highly right now according to

Volvo – Sensus

This system is highly regarded for its sleek design and intuitive steering wheel controls. With the ability to turn into a WiFi Hotspot for Apple and Android usage, this is a big attraction for many car buyers. Its large display which incorporates a logical menu structure makes it easy for those who are technology challenged. The Sensus is extremely similar to a tablet.

Kia – UVO

Decently responsive and intuitive, the Kia UVO will automatically record your favorite audio stations and even allows you to replay a song if you wish through Bluetooth phone. The navigation system is also one of the highlights of this popular infotainment system with real-time traffic and weather updates. However, Bluetooth, auxiliary input and voice recognition are all the most notable features when it comes to connectivity.

Fiat Chrysler Auto – UConnect

The attractive graphics of this system make it a popular choice for car buyers and the experts alike. Its voice recognition is accurate, more so than other devices, and it boasts the usual main functions of radio, climate, navigation, phone and apps. With another release coming soon, people are anticipating big things from the next generation UConnect.

Chevrolet – MyLink

One of the big factors that influence people with this system is the WiFi functionality. Other noteworthy features include Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, internet radio control apps; the ability to customize the infotainment’s layout and wireless smartphone charging as well as teen driver settings. It is also claimed to be one of the most responsive systems on the market. Due to the teen driver settings, this is a great car for teenagers to learn in.

Volkswagen – Discover Media Infotainment System

While people aren’t too excited about the graphics of this system, there are other attractions such as being able to change the behavior of steering wheel controls. It also has Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Infotainment systems are going to see some huge developments in coming years. Experts suggest that more car buyers will be influenced by the features available on infotainment systems, meaning that manufacturers will be heavily focusing on this demand.

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