How To Get Over Your Main Tech Anxieties

Did you know that there is actually a term for being afraid of your computer Cyberphobia is the specific fear or strong mistrust of computers, whereas technophobia refers to a phobia of advanced technology in general.

It may seem like it would be pretty hard to function in today’s society – especially in business – if you had that strong of an aversion to computers and tech, but there are milder forms of being uncomfortable about the tech we use that affect a lot of people. These tend to be anxieties born of more rational things than worrying that computers will take over the world, like worrying that your work won’t be safe on your computer, or that you don’t know what you are doing when you are using a web service and might accidentally do something that’ll cost you money or be illegal!

If you sometimes feel a sense of anxiety about trusting your computer, the cloud, your mobile devices, and the internet, then here are some ways you can beat it.

Have Good Back Up and Recovery Plans

One of the things that will make you feel far less worried about losing things you have stored digitally is to ensure that all your work and other data is backed up securely, and that you know how to recover it if needed. This is something you should do for all of your devices, but luckily there are lots of automatic ways of doing this now that won’t require you to buy any new hardware or to remember to manually make backups. Look at for more advice about this.

Increase Your Skills

If there is one thing that can leave you feeling anxious and afraid of messing up, it is not feeling competent when you are using something. You may feel completely fine about browsing the internet or using your office systems, but if you need to do anything outside of your normal routine computer use, for example publish something on your company blog, or install new software packages, you may begin to feel that sense of unease. Luckily, there are tutorials free online for just about every task you could ever need to do, so just take some time to walk through them and make sure you feel confident before trying something you are unsure about. The more you boost your IT
knowledge and skills, the less you’ll experience tech fear!

Have Someone You Can Check With

A final way to reduce your anxiety about doing new things with technology is to have in mind a friend, employee or co-worker who is great with these things, and get them to help you. People who are enthusiastic about IT tend to exude confidence about doing even the most complex sounding stuff, and so talking to them will certainly put your mind at ease!

It can take time to get over feelings of mistrust towards new tech when you don’t feel like you know how to use it properly, but by trying these approaches you should soon be able to relax a lot more when working with computers!

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