WordPress.com Business Sites down from 2:20 PM to 7:06 PM EST yesterday April 18, 2018.

Sorry for the inconvenience for yesterday April 18 website outage. We started having issue around 2:20 PM EST accessing our website and partner sites due to a fiber cut in San Antonio, Texas.

Our website and partner sites, are not accessible for almost 5 hours. This is the first time for Y2018, a very rare outage incident.  The website services resumed around 7:06 PM EST reported by our JetPack Monitoring service.

This is the update that we received from our partner service provider.

The infrastructure partner which hosts a subset of the WordPress.com Business sites experienced a network outage beginning at 1420 EDT(1820 UTC). This affected connectivity to the entire data center where these sites are hosted.

The problem was isolated to a fiber cut in San Antonio, Texas. The fiber repair has been completed and everything is back online. We’ll continue to validate that everything is working as expected and work with our partner to ensure remediation steps are taken to prevent this from happening again.
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