How to own a premium domain name?

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I would like to share my experience to all domain entrepreneurs on how to acquire a premium domain names without breaking your piggy bank. Yes it is not too late to own a premium domain name. Just in case you’re wondering what is a premium domain name read it here.

Here’s few of my premium domain names I bought from domain investors. I will use them as an example and how I successfully acquired them.

  1. YA.NET – I bought this domain for my Game Studio name, then SOLD for a good return of investment.
  2. QUE.COM Game Studio. I am an indie game developer (part-time) when I have nothing to do. And of course, I am a gamer love to play Call of Duty.
  3. MAJ.COM I bought it to support my business.

So let’s dive into and find out how you can acquire your own premium property.

How I acquired YA.NET?

August 14, 2011. I saw it listed for sale at DNF. I’ve sent a private message to the seller DavidAusman if he’s open for installment plan.

September 28, 2011. The seller accepted my proposal, we use Moniker Escrow service. This is more than a month discussing the terms and condition, and we finally seal the deal for 12 month installment plan.

The agreed price is $14,000 + Escrow fees + credit card transaction fees because I paid them using my credit card. So final estimate for my investment after all the fees around $15,000.

The beauty of this domain is liquidity. After exactly four years,  I sold YA.NET for $35,000 last September 28, 2015 through a broker (IndusDomains). Newsletter reported the sale of YA.NET on October 8, 2015.

Return of Investment (ROI)for YA.NET

  • ($15,000). Investment for YA.NET
  • $35,000 Price sold last September 28, 2015.
  • ($7,000) Broker fees.
  • $13,000 Return of Investment (ROI)

Not a bad ROI.

How I acquired QUE.COM domain property?

By this time, I already fully paid YA.NET. So I decided to find another domain property for my investment. I saw QUE.COM in Sedo after market with a price tag of five figures. It is too high for me to purchase outright but I like the name for my business. It is short, easy to remember, easy to pronounce and it’s a dot com. You can’t go wrong buying this domain property.

The challenge is to convince an established company (Plastic Logic) to sell their domain property to me through installment payment plan. Believe me, worth every effort.

December 18, 2013. I emailed the seller (a Senior Director SCM & Procurement in the company) with a low five figure offer and negotiated a installment payment plan for 12 months.

January 6, 2014. After going back and forth discussing our price and payment terms. I agree with more money to pay but using 18 months installment payment plan.

I used Moniker Escrow (became SnapNames) service as third party to hold the domain while I complete the payment.

Sources of income. Where do I get the money to pay this premium domain property?

I have a full time job, as IT Operations Manager but my income here is already allocated for the family. I can’t touch it, otherwise I have to face the wrath of my beloved wife. If you’re the Daddy like me, you know what I mean.

I don’t want to borrow money from anyone so I tried to squeeze this to my current Adsense revenue, Parking revenue, sales of domains and my credit cards. My Adsense revenue fluctuates between $250 – $500 in a good day per month. I need to work hard to find extra income. And my credit cards is always a good backup so I will not late on payment.  After all the hard work I completed the payment sooner than 18 months.

QUE.COM - Insect Invasion 3D Game
QUE.COM – Insect Invasion 3D Game

And QUE.COM became my official Game Studio company name.

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How I acquired MAJ.COM domain property?

My revenue is going steady so I decided to reinvest my money again to another three letter domain name e.g. MAJ.COM. I saw a fellow investor (Maz Ghani) who happen to be the same owner of that I acquired in the past and paid installment using Escrow service.

When I proposed an installment plan for MAJ.COM domain property it is a lot easier to accomplish because I am a repeat customer to Maz.

We negotiated and agreed for a customized installment plan e.g. 16 months installment plan + 1 big payment. It’s a different deal!

I preferred a lower monthly payment so I can rely on my Adsense revenue to pay mid-$$$ monthly and for the last payment I have to use my credit card to pay in full.

There you go, three premium domain property negotiated to pay installment plan.

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What Next?

I will continue to acquire premium domain names and follow the same payment method to buy them.  I’m sure a lot of domain investors are willing to make a deal as long as they receive assurance of un-interrupted payment.

So if you own a premium domain name, and want steady cash flow coming to your bank account don’t hesitate to send me email with your domain property.

I’m also interested in a brand able domain name, they are easy to sell. You can find a brand able domain property for $200 or less, then resell for $500 to $4995 price varies depends on quality and market demand.

Newbie Domain Investors.

I hope this give you an idea on how to acquire your first premium domain name without paying in full. Still no idea of a premium domain name, read it here. Also read Investing in LLLL dot com – A Starter Guide by Giuseppe Graziano excellent guide.

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Thank you for reading my story.


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  • October 8, 2015 at 1:28 pm

    Good article. I definitely have in mind to buy a premium domain some day. But I will gather the cash first to pay in full right away. I don’t want my domaining activities to be liabilities.

  • October 8, 2015 at 1:30 pm

    This is why you need to use Escrow services to hold the domain name for you while you complete the payment in full.

  • June 23, 2016 at 9:29 am

    Hi Dominic, have you acquire any premium domains this time? I hope this article help you.
    Let me know.

  • June 28, 2016 at 7:57 am

    FYI. June 2016. I re-branded to – Management of Assets and Joint Ventures.

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    It’s generous of spirit of you, to share your experience and know how, that’s hard won from years of domaining. I for one appreciate it, thank you, and I wish you all the best in the future with your other domains.

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    Glad to know it help. Sharing my one own experience I hope to help other entrepreneurs who would like to be in the domain investment or simply want to increase their knowledge in domain industry.


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