What is a Premium Domain Name?

If you’re old like me and in the domain name business for quite sometime, you will see investors posting their “PREMIUM” domain names listed for sale in their website/blog, forums like DNForum.com or NamePros.com, and Facebook Domain Name Forsale group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/domainnetwork/). And you check the domain it doesn’t make any sense to you. Why they called it “PREMIUM” domain name?

What is a Premium Domain Names in your opinion? Here’s what I thought about premium domain names.

  1. LL.com LLL.com NN.com NNN.com are premium names in my book because they are in-demand. You can easily sell it. Even the .net and .org extension will sell in this category. Maybe in the future, other gTLDs extension will be consider premium domains. At this time, Registries have a pool of domains selling at “premium” price and at premium renewal rate. For example, using sex.any_extensions is considered registry “premium” with a renewal rate of $20K to $65K depending where you buy your domain.
  2. Keywords domain name e.g. cash, money, business, finance, sex, porn, etc. These examples are way above premium because of 7-8 figures valuation.
  3. Keywords domain name that makes sense. If you haven’t read Rick’s blog on how to choose a domain name, here’s the link http://www.ricksblog.com/2011/11/ricks-top-10-bullet-points-to-being-a-successful-domainer/ This will save you from registering or buying “crap” domain names.
  4. Domain name with traffic and revenue. If you’re domain name doesn’t make money, it is not a premium domain name IMHO. A domain name without traffic and revenue is simply a plain domain name. We are here to make money right? I know you can sell a domain name even without traffic, those are “special” domain. Start up and Entrepreneurs create their own name combining keywords + products or services to make their brand. If your domain name doesn’t have meaning, traffic or revenue, you need to build it. Develop your domain name, start building organic traffic, and use adsense to make money. Easy to say yeah, you need to start somewhere.
  5. A short, easy to remember and brandable domain name. But I’m hesitant to buy an expensive domain if no traffic or revenue. Re-read no.4.

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Some investors (domainer) use set’s of letters to define premium domain names. It maybe useful, but I really don’t care. For example, the letter Q is not a premium domain letter but QNB.com sold for $1M last December 2014, QUA.com sold for $459,000 twitted by @GeorgeKirikos last May 1, 2015, etc. I think it will help but I don’t use it when I buy domain name.

That’s for now.

I know you have some ideas regarding a premium domain name, share with us.

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2 thoughts on “What is a Premium Domain Name?

  • October 8, 2015 at 9:02 pm

    What is the best source to determine what, if any, type-in traffic our domains are getting? What I mean is, how can I tell without developing each one of them (cost-prohibitive) and putting adsense on them all?

  • October 8, 2015 at 9:33 pm

    Hi Jill,

    You need to put a tracking codes to know your domain (activity). You have two ways to accomplish this task.

    Option 1. Parking, no cost to you.
    You can add your domain in any parking company which they provide statistic information about your domain properties.

    Option 2. Development
    You can develop and add your Adsense code for you to track the visitors visit and page views.
    For detailed analysis, you can use Google Analytics that can provide what browser they use, location, etc.

    I’ve used both options for my domain portfolio. Remember not all domains are equal, they maybe performing better using one of this method.

    I prefer Option 2 Development for long term approach, organic search, seo, authority, etc.

    I hope this answer your questions.


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