HOWTO Office 365 Mailbox size increase

If you are using Office 365 cloud services for your email, by default you have 50GB mailbox storage per user. This is a lot of emails and attachment to start for your employees, maybe good for the next 2-3 years depending on how you use your email, attachment and how you archive old messages.

As of writing this article, the following Office 365 comes with 50 GB per user storage limits.

  1. Office 365 Business Essentials
  2. Office 365 Business Premium
  3. Office 365 Enterprise E1

What will you do if you reached the 50 GB mailbox storage limit for your user?

That’s an easy answer, upgrade to the next Office 365 services. This is your options that will provide a 100 GB storage limit per user and unlimited Archive mailboxes.

  1. Office 365 Enterprise E3
  2. Office 365 Enterprise E5

And if 100 GB storage limit is not enough, then your next stop is Office 365 Enterprise F1 that comes with 2 GB storage limit. That’s a lot of email information to keep.


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