Google Cloud Event in Washington DC

June 8, 2018. I attended Google Cloud Onboard Event in Washington DC. They introduce many Google Cloud services from business platform, app development, data analytics & machine learning, storage and network infrastructure.

I know most of Google services, one of them is the GCP short for Google Computing Platform that I used primarily to host many servers to support my projects from robotic machine learning, steem projects, programming codes, etc.

I am here to see what’s new in Google Machine Learning and their Robot derby competition. I’m not competing in robots, my robots are for educational purpose only. I’m just curious to see what other robot innovation is out there and of course learn more about Machine Learning.

So much information to learn. Some pictures from the lobby during our break.

I took some pictures of the Car Robot as one project at DevFest. This is to introduce the students on how to use robot and use Google Services such as Machine Learning.


As you can see in the pictures below, the robot comes with GoPiGo from Dexter Industries, Raspberry Pie, a camera, sensor, etc.

And the robot derby begins.

Other robots that you might be interested of developing.

Products from

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