HOWTO Use Google Apps Sync to Microsoft Outlook

This is a simple HOWTO setup using Google Apps Sync to Microsoft Outlook. Sponsored by Managed WordPress Hosting

You don’t have to use enabling the IMAP for your Google Apps, remembering the incoming servers ( and outgoing servers (, what ports to use IMAP 993 using encypted SSL/TLS and SMTP 465 SSL, and other configuration options to setup your email address using Microsoft Outlook. If you’re a geek like me, this is not a problem but for many it is a nightmare.

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Google provided a tool Google Apps Sync to Microsoft Outlook to make it easier. Here’s a step-by-step procedure to setup it.

  1. First download the tool in your computer, here’s the link from Google ( not from any mirror site. Beware of any click-bait.que-com-googleappssync-microsoft-outlook
  2. Click on Download Google Apps Sync, and Run to install it to your computer. If you are using a normal account (standard user) which is highly recommended, it will prompt you to enter your Administrator account to complete the installation. Accept default installation for Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook. Then, wait to finish the install.que-com-googleappssync-microsoft-outlook-download
  3. When the install is complete, Google will prompt to enter your Gmail email address. Enter your email address to configure your Microsoft Outlook profile. que-com-googleappssync-microsoft-outlook-gmail
  4. For example, I enter my gmail address em @ (without spaces) then click Continue. Google would like to the following services, scroll down and click Allow to continue. que-com-googleappssync-microsoft-outlook-gmail-services
  5. After the authorization has been granted. You will see the next page, click Create Profile to continue. que-com-googleappssync-microsoft-outlook-gmail-profile
  6. que-com-googleappssync-microsoft-outlook-setupcompleted
  7. One completed, click on Start Microsoft Outlook. This will open your Microsoft Outlook and start synchronization of your Google Apps data.que-com-googleappssync-microsoft-outlook-setupcompleted2

Every time you open Microsoft Outlook program, Google Apps Sync will run to make sure you have up to date data. Click on Close to continue using Microsoft Outlook.

HOWTO change your Google Apps password? Follow the step-by-step procedure below.

  1. First close Microsoft Outlook program.
  2. To reset your Google Apps email password, login to, login using your email address and password.
  3. Once in your web mail, click on your Profile (upper left corner), then My Account.
  4. In Sign-in Security, click Signing in to Google, click Password. By the way, two-factor authentication is an excellent tool to secure your account. Highly recommended to activate.
  5. Click on Start, All Programs, Google Apps Sync, then Delete Saved Google Apps password.
  6. If you have multiple profile, it will show all. Select the profile that you want to delete saved password.
  7. Click Delete Stored Password. And it’s done.

When you open Microsoft Outlook, a window will prompt you to enter your new password. Don’t forget to put check on remember my password.

I hope this help.

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