Adam Dicker alleged “business scandal”

Let’s begin Monday with an interesting article to read. Adam Dicker alleged “business scandal“. Re-post with permission from Shane Bellone website.

Is Adam Dicker a criminal? You decide.

The Introduction

Adam Dicker is commonly seen as a mild-mannered guy who will do anything for anyone. However, he appears to be a predator. He preys not on the weak but on the domain industry’s many novice investors who lack the knowledge to identify him as the criminal I believe he is.

Every year we see hundreds, if not thousands, of interested individuals join the forums in the hopes of making a living online. They are quickly introduced to the many “gurus” within our industry through the multitude of news outlets that blast blatant propaganda on a 24/7 basis. While these publishers may not intentionally encourage this idol worshipping behavior, they certainly play a huge role in the way we perceive these media personalities. They publicize the good in our industry while brushing the dirt under the proverbial rug — with few exceptions. However, this piece is not about the lack of transparency in our industry. This is about Adam Dicker and the many he has harmed.

The Backstory

This story starts with; a barren wasteland that once was a leading forum within the domain industry. While the forum itself played a huge role in propagating the myth that is Adam Dicker, the story really begins with DNF College in the summer of 2011. This is where Adam Dicker began pushing his services to many of the industry’s newcomers. He created an environment that would help him transform his reputation from a leading investor to a philanthropist. Truthfully, this was and continues to be a travesty. He pushed many affiliate links and services owned and operated by his own companies to pursue his personal interests while providing very little substance to those who enrolled in his course.

Adam Dicker has continued to hustle new users, in this manner, for 4 semesters between the years of 2011 and 2015. While I’m sure there are many horror stories from previous years, this article highlights both his actions and inactions that took place this year.

The Premise

In October of 2014, Adam Dicker made a post on his DNF College Facebook group stating, “I am looking for people that want to partner up with me and have the time to work full time on businesses that I will build. I do not have time to run them all but need good people that will make a 30-40% of the net revenue and I will teach you personally to build the business. This will start the second week of November after I get back from Traffic. There will be zero cost or investment, just time and hard work. Please post if interested.” There were hundreds of comments on this post from people excited to work with an industry giant.

After the initial post, Adam Dicker segmented these candidates into another group of candidates. He called these people “the inner circle.” From there he further divided the group of candidates based on skill sets and availability. This was called the “inner inner circle.” Pretty clever, Adam. Finally, another group was created where the selectees introduced themselves. This is where he promised the group millions of dollars in net revenue.

The goal was to launch dozens of businesses in a span of mere months. Adam Dicker promised to pay all of the expenses, share his knowledge, and provide proper training. He claimed that he only needed the manpower to make these businesses huge earners like he has done with many others in the past.

The Truth

Adam Dicker stated that some of his preexisting businesses were clearing 6-figures per month when in reality they weren’t even making 6-figures per year. Ironically — a year later — none of the businesses he attempted to launch succeeded and most never even made it off the ground.

The Employees

Adam Dicker treats employees like shit. He forces them to chase him for their paychecks, shorts them consistently, or outright refuses to pay them.

Kudos, Adam.  Glad the free labor paid for the new home theater in your basement.

What’s worse than extorting people for their hard work? Well, he’s verbally abusive and even makes vague threats.

Want to make me disappear, Adam? Want to have your boys beat me up? Go for it.

The Scam

Adam Dicker’s  (previously and was his cash cow. Actually, it technically still is. Recently, he had a large payday from a wealthy investor allegedly worth over $1,000,000,000.

Maybe you’ve heard of him? Emmet Stephenson. He is the Chairman of and owns and, among others.

He hired Adam Dicker to develop both domains. They put down a large deposit to initiate the project but they soon realized that his claims would never become a reality.

To ensure repayment of $75,000, Emmet had him sign over 2 of his top domains for collateral. If he didn’t refund his money by August 17, 2015 Adam Dicker would lose both and

It is unknown if either domain was released back to Adam Dicker but’s registration recently went private. Interestingly enough, now uses the same privacy company as and

Hard to believe, right? Luckily, I have proof.

I can confirm that and have been successfully transferred to our, Inc. account. Further, this email is to memorialize in writing that these domains are being held as collateral to secure the $75,000 that is owed by you to, Inc. and is currently due for payment in full on or before August 17, 2015 by bank wire to our account at Boulder Dam Credit Union. As soon as the $75,000 is paid in full, we will transfer both domain names back to your account free and clear. Please confirm your agreement with these terms by return email.

Emmet Stephenson, Chairman, Inc.

The Retirement

Adam Dicker’s inability to follow through with his commitments has led to his forced retirement Sure, he claims to be too busy to participate but that is far from the truth.

Don’t believe me? Here’s the conversation between Adam Dicker and Michael Cyger discussing exactly this.

[01:36:37] Adam Dicker: I have reached out to all potential customers with issues

[01:36:47] Adam Dicker: i believe most will be resolved and happy by tomorrow

[01:36:50] Adam Dicker: we will see

[15:24:04] Adam Dicker: if you are asking me to retire on the next show, I will because of our friendship. let me know.

[15:31:35] Adam Dicker: also drop niche websites from sponsors if you have concerns, I only advertise there because its your site 😉

[16:05:06] Michael Cyger: good morning, adam.

[16:05:22] Michael Cyger: you’re a good friend. thanks for your message.

[16:06:06] Michael Cyger: i do need to ask you to retire from the show. it pains me to ask you to do so, because you are a friend.

[16:06:38] Adam Dicker: ok I will do that

[16:06:50] Adam Dicker: can you let mw know any things as to why?

[16:07:26] Michael Cyger: let’s make the last show your last, please. i’ll tell people that you’re too busy to be on the show with all of your businesses. i know you are. it’s not a lie.

[16:07:44] Adam Dicker: ok I will go with that and announce it on the next show

[16:07:47] Adam Dicker: no problem

[16:08:43] Michael Cyger: i always defend you, adam, and give you the benefit of the doubt because there are always 2 sides to every story. but there are enough people that have come to me that I cannot ignore them. they include sponsors, people following the show, and sherpas. and i feel terrible not being able to give you specific details, but i feel like i’d be breaking their confidence. and, honestly, i don’t want to get in the middle and try to figure out all the details.

[16:08:59] Adam Dicker: ok

[16:09:01] Adam Dicker: np

[16:09:10] Adam Dicker: next show will be my last

[16:09:22] Michael Cyger: i need to make your last show your last, bud. i’m sorry.

[16:09:30] Adam Dicker: ok

[16:10:11] Adam Dicker: nothing like being found guilty without a trial. ;(

[16:10:17] Adam Dicker: ok talk soon.

[16:10:20] Michael Cyger: i’m sorry, adam. i really am.

[16:11:06] Michael Cyger: i’m not a judge, nor do i want to get into any of the details of the incidents. :(

[16:11:20] Michael Cyger: least of all i don’t want to judge a friend.

[16:11:31] Adam Dicker: ok, I will post a thank you message on facebook when you think its appropriate

[16:11:42] Michael Cyger: i’d rather keep you as a friend, if that’s possible from your perspective.

[16:11:48] Adam Dicker: ok

[16:11:53] Adam Dicker: i can separate the two

[16:12:30] Michael Cyger: it’s not like you won’t ever be on the show again or do an interview. i’d love to have you back on in the future. i think you just need to work on following up with your commitments in the industry for the time being. i say that only as a friend, and hesitate to even say that, adam.

[16:12:45] Adam Dicker: I agree with that

[16:12:49] Michael Cyger: it’s not my business. but you are a friend, and i want to see you do well.

[16:13:01] Adam Dicker: i don’t disagree, sometimes i am too anxious to help and I over promise

[16:13:24] Adam Dicker: but i do have tons on my plate and i wonmt let any commisttments fall apart

[16:13:27] Michael Cyger: yes. it’s difficult to not say you can help with something when you are a giver and know you can help.

[16:13:48] Adam Dicker: i will fix them all. please have whoever told you that has an issue to contact me and i will work to resolve them

[16:13:55] Michael Cyger: this conversation stays between just you and me.

[16:14:00] Adam Dicker: agreed

[16:14:27] Adam Dicker: i will fix them all. please have whoever told you that has an issue to contact me and i will work to resolve themif they actually want them resolved

[16:14:32] Adam Dicker: ty and talk later

[16:14:39] Michael Cyger: ok, thanks, adam. ttyl

[16:14:57] Adam Dicker: are you ok if i post a ty message to you and domainsherpa?

[16:15:28] Michael Cyger: yes, of course.

[16:15:32] Adam Dicker: ok bye for now

[16:15:38] Michael Cyger: bye

[16:22:33] Adam Dicker: posted

[16:22:43] Adam Dicker: that’s pretty much all true

[16:22:51] Michael Cyger: to fb?

[16:22:58] Michael Cyger: see it

[16:23:05] Adam Dicker: yup

[16:23:26] Adam Dicker: is that ok?

[16:23:42] Michael Cyger: perfect

[16:23:50] Adam Dicker: k

[16:24:02] Adam Dicker: just don’t want to piss you off. now I am off to fix some meeses

[16:24:05] Adam Dicker: see ya!

[16:24:16] Michael Cyger: cu

The Conclusion

I can only conclude that Adam Dicker is broke and desperate. His actions lead us to believe he is pulling the same crap that Toby Clements was suspected of. If you aren’t familiar, Toby was accused of using money from new sales to pay passed clients for what he owed. The difference being Adam Dicker hasn’t even attempted to fulfill his obligations.

Are you continuously shuffling the deck, Adam? I think so.

G’night, Adam.

P.S. There will be a part 2.

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9 thoughts on “Adam Dicker alleged “business scandal”

  • October 5, 2015 at 10:59 am

    There are parts that are true and parts that are simply untrue. Your source sent me an email saying that I had Until October 5th to pay a certain amount or they would release info they THOUGHT were true.

    The things you posted that were not true makes you libel.

    There is definitely another side to this story.

    I have made mistakes no question about it and I plan on staying in front of them.

    Adam Dicker

  • October 9, 2015 at 10:10 am

    Update Oct. 9, 2015

    Shane Bellone post:
    Just an FYI Shane Cultra noted that he had a friend who had been scammed by Adam too.

    Adam Dicker post:
    There are not as many as you think, you need to remember that this story that was sent to Shane was all started by employees that were terminated/left the company and yes that I tried to grow it too fast with some good people and some of the wrong people. My fault, I was the CEO. Businesses fail.
    Incidentally, it took way too long, but all these employees are paid in full. It’s no surprise that they day after the last one was paid the story came out.

    If there are still issues that exist please email me at and i will work on getting them resolved.

    Charley said:
    Will Adam Dicker be revoked from the Domain Industry Hall of Fame inductees?

    I think the big guys & industry insiders should discuss and seriously consider it.

    Our domain industry is not different from other businesses out there.
    Some people makes mistake. He accepted it and working to resolve it.

    He also need to be transparent. Why this is not being discuss in DNF? It is being censored?
    To Adam Dicker, will you ban me if I started a thread in DNF regarding “Adam Dicker alleged business scandal”?

    Just a thought.

  • October 14, 2015 at 8:38 am

    20151014. Latest Update from Shane post.

    Updates / Reports
    These are in no particular order.
    Report by headsupp (Resolved)
    Relevant Videos
    Reply to Adam

    Report by LannyB (Unresolved)
    Follow-up Questions

    Report by domainesque (Unresolved)
    Update: Unresolved
    Report Details
    Update: Waiting on Refund

    Report of Shane Cultra’s friend (Unresolved)

    Report by Jeff Markus (Dissatisfied)

    Report by simmplex (Resolved)

    Report by Blenja_Man (Pending)
    Update: Work in Progress

    Report by RandysDomains (Resolved)

    Report by swamismith (Unresolved)

    Report by Charlie (Unresolved)
    Update: Unresolved

    Report by anon22339 (Unresolved)

    Report by Joseph Peterson (Unresolved)

    Report by Lonewolf5503 (Unresolved)

    From what I understand, Adam still owes north of $33,000 to previous customers and business partners. As I receive more information, I will update this figure.

  • October 14, 2015 at 8:53 am

    Everybody makes mistake, Adam is here to rectify the issues.
    Word of the day “Forgiveness”. He already admitted his fault, and I think he’s making progress.

    Email him at

    Have a lovely day.

  • October 26, 2015 at 3:43 pm

    I do not know the details of this situation, but regardless it is again a bad thing for the domain industry. I hope all gets resolved.

  • October 26, 2015 at 3:46 pm

    @Douglas Definitely not good in domain industry. I just hope they get their money back.


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