Welcome to KING.NET my personal web page. I am the Founder, Cyber Information Security Officer, Data Scientist and Investor. I manage the security posture and continuous development of QUE.com.

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I am using KING.NET domain for my email and public profile in social network.

  • Twitter: @KINGnet and Web: https://KING.net
  • GitHub as KINGdotNET for open source projects.
  • Cyber Security (Hacker – KINGdotNET) and other online activities.

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With 26+ years of experience in Information Technology and Information System Security Management still learning new skills everyday. Here’s a short list for updates.

Programming skills I try to maintain.

  • Python. I need it for my robots, machine learning, artificial intelligence and data science.
  • Javascript. Need to know because of the websites I managed.
  • C#. I don’t really program using C# but I need to learn the syntax so I can configure/troubleshoot my programs especially using Unity 3D games.
  • C++ – still learning.
  • Flutter, Ionic – still learning.

Not all for Work. For playing online games, go to  GamesTrend.com  or MultiPlaying.com websites. Playing Call of Duty? drop us a message in Forums to keep in touch. We can play as a team killing some Zombies or in the WarZone.

I also manage Acknowledgement.com to learn about the Bible. The website automatically published one bible verse from 9 different books using Python and Data Science technique. Its cool, check it out.

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Founder, QUE.COM Internet Media. | Founder, Yehey.com a Shout for Joy! | MAJ.COM Management of Assets and Joint Ventures. More at KING.NET Ideas to Life.

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