Lorex Security Cameras Now Offer Smart Home Integration With Alexa, Google Assistant

Sponsored Post. The home security market is booming. Driven by consumer demand, this industry is now a market worth tens of billions of dollars, Inc reports, and few areas have seen as much innovation in recent
years as security camera systems.

Everybody is looking to protect their home, and modern video cameras have become the must-have item for millions of families across the country.

The excitement is largely being driven by all the new capabilities that continue to be rolled out. Amid all these advancements, Lorex is one company leading the way with security camera systems that are smart home compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant.

Homeowners have been increasingly adopting these digital assistant technologies, and the company has responded to a demand for greater coordination between security and smart-home technology. Given that the camera market is booming at the same time, the integration was natural.

By bringing the two together, one thing should be clear to all customers: Your voice is now being heard.

Now come the details. How exactly does this work and what can you expect after these exciting new announcements from Lorex? The following are just a few of the most exciting features and advances that customers will see in the latest models from the company.

Voice Control
The star upgrade of the announcement is security camera system compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa. This will enable voice activation and hands-free control throughout the home, giving users a more convenient way to manage their system. To monitor any area of the house, it is now as easy as saying, “Alexa, show me the backyard camera” or “Hey Google, show me the garage camera.”

There are now already several Lorex camera options that are compatible with both of these leading smart home assistants. Each already supports a list of useful voice commands for easy control in the home, and even more will be added in the future.

App Integration
Voice assistant compatibility and other smart home features can all be managed through the Lorex Home Mobile App. This is an easy way to monitor live HD video with remote access, customize any system settings and receive motion alerts.

Available through the App Store and Google Play, users can also save videos or jump immediately to specific points in the recorded timeline to see footage. And in addition to motion alerts, the app lets you set up other notifications that will help with home security.

Set Up and Compatibility
A core feature of all Lorex devices has always been their ease of use. Unlike older security camera systems of the past, these are not just powerful and full-featured, but simple to install and operate.

Integration with smart home technology is no different. Adding voice control capability with either Alexa or Google Assistant can be done easily by any homeowner. The process is intuitive, easy to follow and won’t take long. You will be calling out commands in no time at all.

Adding Your Voice to Security
Every year, more and more new features are coming out in the security camera market. This is what customers want and, in integrating with partners like Google and Amazon, Lorex has been working hard to give its users the control they demand.

Now, security camera systems can be controlled by voice commands and it all integrates seamlessly with the Lorex Smart Home App. Best of all, enabling these features isn’t even complicated — everything remains just as user-friendly as you have come to expect.

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