Malware in your SmartPhones

Mass infection malware attack targets Android

AdaptiveMobile uncovered one of the single largest messaging-initiated mobile malware outbreaks.

The malware, dubbed Gazon, which uses victims’ mobile phone contacts to propagate, sends messages to their contacts linking to offers for spoof Amazon vouchers, which when opened, installs malware to their Android device.

The attack, which went live on the 25th February and originated in the US, has infected thousands of mobile devices in more than 30 countries around the world, including Canada, UK, France, India, Korea, Mexico, Australia and the Philippines.

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Phishers target victims of iOS device theft

A clever phishing scheme has been spotted targeting users who have had their iPad or iPhone stolen, leading researchers to believe that it has been set up by a criminal group that offers thieves the service of finding out the information necessary to unlock the stolen devices.

As you may or may not now, iOS device users can switch on Lost Mode on iOS’ Find My Phone feature, which makes the locked device sport a message to the finder of the lost device, often with instructions on how to contact them to return it.

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