Apple Outages

You think Apple services will not go down? Think again.

Despite the advancement of Apple technology, early morning of Wednesday March 11, 2015. I tried to login to my iTunes account to check my game (Ground Survival 3D and Insect Invasion 3D) sales statistic but no luck. It says password is incorrect, so I have to retrieve a new password and tried it again still no success.

I checked other services like iCloud, and iTunes Connect. I can login to but not in iTunes Connect. I also check the iCloud authentication to my iPhone, it is also not working. I know something is wrong with Apple websites, so I waited late evening to try again.

“Apple has restored service to its popular iTunes and app stores after a 12-hour global outage on Wednesday. The widespread disruption in service was rare for Apple, but it still frustrated users around the world. Access was restored in the late afternoon Eastern time. Apple blamed the outage on an internal technical error. “The cause was an internal DNS error at Apple,” said Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr. Four of Apple’s major digital stores — iTunes, App Store, Mac App Store and the iBooks Store — were down, according to a status update on the company’s website. Revenue from those stores and other services averages $50 million a day.” According to USA Today.

The cause was an internal DNS error. Hmmm something fishy going on here. This is the same outage issue that GoDaddy hosting service went down a couple years ago.

We will never know the real issue of this outage. It’s back up now, so it’s all good.


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