MS Outlook app couldn’t set up email. RESOLVED

I have a new computer running Windows 11 Pro, after setting up Office 365 everything is working ok but not MS Outlook application. So the troubleshooting began.

I encountered a similar problem in the past and was able to resolve it. Reading this article might solve your problem.

In my case, a totally different issue. Here’s how I fixed it.

  • Edit the registry and add EnableADAL.
  • In the command line, type “regedit” press [Enter] to run. If you are not comfortable using the tool, ask someone to assist you.
  • Enable ADAL HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Common\Identity
  • DWORD named “EnableADAL” and give it a value 1
  • Used Sara tool to set-up an account. I created an APP password. That should accept your credential.
  • Start MS Outlook application to test it.

How to create a APP password? Read this article.

I hope this helps you. Use the comment below to let me know.

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