Technology is Changing The Future of Humanity

These last 30 years have seen a spectacular increase in technology. Looking back in the past, the mobile phones came alive in the 80’s and now they are ‘smarter’. Human interaction has been minimized since the use of computers and who knows what the future will bring to us.

Of course, it sounds confusing at first, but bear with us as we explain the pros and cons of using this much technology.

The Importance of Data and Personal Details
We never thought that our data is so important, until we have been introduced to social media. Not many people thought that having a Facebook page means you are part of the data mine which gets sold for commercial uses.

All the data tracks consumers: what, when and where we buy items is very important to companies that create products especially for us.

And all the valuable data is also hunted by hackers and scammers.

Reaction was immediate. New laws were approved, programmers started developing antivirus software – available to be purchased by individuals or companies.

Technology developed more and more, pushing us towards new and uncharted areas.

Cars that Drive On their Own

Science fiction films are now a reality, with the invention of autonomous cars that can drive themselves.

Along with the auto manufacturing industry, other industries had to advance: insurances and other businesses had to keep up.

New Money: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency On the Rise

Times are changing and there is a new face to the currency too. It is called cryptocurrency, as it actually is virtual money, that got very famous since a lot of investors had to get some of it, just to be ahead of the game. Seeing a huge growth, other virtual coins got developed and some merchants even accept payment with virtual coins.

We have become a lot more open-minded with the development of technology, and it is changing our lives. Is it for good or for worse? We are not sure yet, as it seems our lives got more comfortable, but there has to be a price for it all.

Just think of cryptocurrency and ask yourself if 10 years ago you would have invested in money that don’t actually exist.

The Rise of AI

Some apocalyptic movies hint that AI will be our destruction, and even Stephen Hawking admitted that artificial intelligence might be ‘the end of the human race.’

It might not look so horrific like in the movies, but only small details like thinking less and using the AI might have consequences in the future. What if the AI becomes self-aware and takes over the planet? It might need some time to do that…

But looking back, we can only say that technology has developed so fast in the last 30 years, and it changed us and our points of view.

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