Mental Athletes

Welcome to page. Our journey to the world of Mental Athletes – “Warriors of Mind“.

First things first. What to read to exercise your brain, here are the recommended reading books. Of course, you can find more of this at Amazon website.

  • Unlimited Memory: How to Use Advanced Learning Strategies to Learn Faster, Remember More and be More Productive.
  • Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything by Joshua Foer
  • Head First!: 10 Ways to Tap into Your Natural Genius by Tony Buzan.

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I started learning using playing cards, assigning people, their action and things to keep it simple to remember. For example, for Jack of Club will be Michael Jordan (person), well known excellent basketball player and dunking (action) basket ball (object). For the Queen of Club, Serena Williams (person), swinging (action) tennis racquet (object). And for the King of Club, Muhammad Ali (person) punching (action) boxing bag (object). That’s my first set of cards to remember. I selected these athletes because I know what they can do in their respective sports. You probably have different athletes in mind, that’s okay. That will easily help you build your memory bank. Some people apply different techniques to train their brain, using playing cards, index cards, cartoon characters, playing an online game give you a better chances, a great selection of Casino Games could be a winning option. Others prefer to use super heroes, family names and friends. There are many options to help you remember long term. In my humble opinion, Practice is the key to remembering.

Let’s slowly build our memory bank. Let us complete for the Jack, Queen and King of Diamond. Diamond to me is a lot of money to spend, so I choose people known to be RICH. For the Jack of Diamond, Jeff Bezos (person) selling (action), amazon books (object). For the Queen of Diamond, Warren Buffett (person), investing (action) in textiles (object). And for King of Diamond, Bill Gates (person) donating (action) money (object).

Do the same for Heart and Spade. For Heart, I connect them with my family. For Jack of Heart, this could be your daughter or son or someone else that will help you remember. For example, daughter (person) cooking (action) in frying pan (object). Queen of Heart is your mom or wife. Mom (person) cleaning (action) the bathtub (object). And for the King of Heart, your father or husband. Father (person) programming (action) a robot (object).

Lastly for the Spade card. I will connect them to someone I know in Technology. For the Jack of Spade, Jack Dorsey (person) twitting (action) in his mobile phone (object). Queen of Spade, Elon Musk (person) autonomous (action) a Tesla car (object). King of Spade, Steve Jobs (person) rebuilding (action) Apple (object). I’m sure you can think of people you know to create your own person, action, and object.

Brain Game Exercise.

Joshua Foer can teach you how to memorize anything.

Notes: You need to learn Mnemonic Major System. Wikipedia provided a detailed explanation.

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