Top 5 Beaches in Europe

With summer in full swing and the sun (mostly) blistering hot, it’s time that of year that we all venture out to the nearest gorgeous, sunny, sandy beach. But while some of us are limited to our nearest coastal down, the lucky among us are hunting down passports and looking into EHIC card renewal, about to fly out to one of the more exotic beaches of the world. In the spirit of the summer, we’ve decided to pull together five of the best beaches in Europe for your visiting – or daydreaming – pleasure.

Durdle Door Beach, Dorset, England.
The limestone sitting adjacent to the gorgeous, soft golden sand is the main attraction of this beach, but by no means the only. This scenic treasure is one of the most visually stunning in all of Europe, but it also holds attraction in its swimming and fishing. The amazing water quality makes swimming safer than most other parts of the UK, and its status as a part of the Jurassic Coast – a 95-mile long coastline filled with geology and fossils – only makes its classification as a World Heritage Site all that more understandable.

Cala Goloritzé, Sardinia, Italy.
Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, this beach is another of the most visually stunning beaches in all of Europe – but did you expect anything less from Italy? The hidden-oasis- esque set up is found at the base of a ravine, with limestone cliffs towering each side. The soft, white sand and the bright, clear water only add to the secretive feel of this beach.

Navagio Beach, Zakynthos, Greece.
The main attraction of this beach is in no doubt the ancient freight ship in the centre. The MV Panagiotis ran around in 1980 in the waters around Zakynthos Island during stormy weather, and was said to have been smuggling contraband cigarettes, wine and women. The beach now has the nickname Shipwreck, but holds its own as a beach beyond the ship. It’s accessed only by boat, but the stunning blue waters and the limestone cliffs sheltering the stretch of sand are more than worth the journey.

Zlatni Rat Beach, Croatia
Croatia’s coastline is a commonly-forgotten thing of beauty, but is quickly growing in popularity as a destination for all things holiday. The Zlatni Rat beach, however, stands out the most due to its obscure layout. The think strip of land stretches out into the sea, earning its nickname of ‘Golden Horn’ easily. The white beaches make for perfect sunbathing spots with a forest of sorts just off of the beach to provide plenty of shade if it gets too hot. Whether you want to swim, windsurf, go jet skiing or more, there is no shortage of things of things to do at this stunning beach.

Balos beach and lagoon, Crete, Greece
Famous for its turquoise waters, Balos beach is perfect for the whole family. It’s warm, shallow water is perfect for kids or for taking a casual dip without the strain of swimming against a tide, and in some places the sand is a lovely pink colour – the product of millions of crushed shells. In the lagoon, the water is deeper and cooler and ideal for swimming or snorkelling, surrounded by rare flowers and sea life that are protected under the Natura 2000 program. All of this makes for an experience unlike any other and one that definitely needs to be added to the bucket list.

Image by fjaka pixabay

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