Top Reasons to Invest in PC Gaming Chairs

Some chairs are just out of place in certain contexts. An ordinary swivel desk chair may work fine for typing and surfing the Web, but it’s not at all ideal for gaming. For that, a PC gaming chair is the ideal option.

With over 50 million gamers in the US, it’s not surprising that someone has realized the need for a specialized PC gaming chair that would make gamers’ lives (and games) a bit easier. In fact, there are so many gaming chairs on the market that it can be bewildering for gaming chair newbies to wade through the options and figure out which one is best for them.

When you consider that these chairs are high class enough to actually come with warranties, and that you will likely be using the same gaming chair for many years (and sitting countless hours in it), it is worthwhile to understand both how to select the right gaming chair and why to invest in one in the first place.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Gaming Chair
Any chair you will be sitting in for hours on end every day should be carefully chosen. But for gamers, it’s about more than just functionality. It’s also about speed and style. Some gamers go so far as to say that their gaming chair feels like their best friend. But sentimentality aside, here is a list of what are arguably the five most important reasons why you need a gaming chair:

1. The Style
That racing bucket seat, sporty car look style sits well with the often fast-paced nature of your games of choice. The bold, contrasting colors and sleek lines of a professional level gaming chair are nothing like the ordinary office chair. It’s like comparing a luxury sports car to a point- A-to- point-B means of transportation: there really is no comparison.

2. The Comfort
Upscale office chairs can be comfortable, we admit, but gaming chairs beat them on this point as well, hands down. Your back rest is higher up, your sides go further out and then curve to hold you in, and there’s extra padding almost everywhere. Gamers who’ve used a gaming chair will tell you that there’s a night and day difference here. And greater comfort means fewer distractions while playing due to discomfort, plus: avoiding back, neck, and leg aches after long sitting sessions.

3. Color Customization
Office chairs tend to be rather bland, blacks, whites, and grays being the norm. But gaming chairs come in a much wider range of colors. Normally, there’s at least two colors: main color and accent color. And it’s not hard to find bold color combos like orange-and- black, red-and- purple, or pink-and- blue. You can find practically anything to suit your taste. And the cool logos on the headrests add even more color and flare to your chair.

4. Full Back Recline
For the most part, gaming chairs tend to come with a full back recline feature that allows you to rest and/or play while laying nearly flat on your back (on your chair.) This will allow you to tilt way back for racing simulation apps or play in relaxed mode so long as you position your screen correctly. Plus, it lets your game chair double as a recliner to watch TV or PC-streamed videos on – or even to catch a short nap on as a kind of break during gaming marathons.

5. Long Durability
The high-quality stitching, fully breathable materials, and sometimes steel frame construction of most gaming chairs mean that your investment will keep paying off for many years to come. These chairs are built to last. The foam is soft, but also has a high bounce back quality that prevents it from permanently sinking in, like some chairs’ padding will, just because you use it for hours and hours every day.

The 3 Main Types of Gaming Chair
Once you decide a gaming chair of some sort is right for you, the natural next step is to research which type of gaming chair you will want. While there are a near endless array of individual gaming chairs and numerous quality manufacturers to choose from, most of the options fall within one of the following three categories:

1. Racer Style
This is your classic style gaming chair – the one that looks like a race car seat and is often decked out in bright, bold colors and attractively stitched logos. Racer style gaming chairs will typically have cut outs of some kind on the back seat to enhance the racy style yet further. They are high on padding and curl around your body enough that you feel like you’re being cradled while you’re playing.

2. Office Style
Office style gaming chairs give you all the special features and benefits of any other gaming chair, except for the racer style looks. They are like undercover gaming chairs, something you might use in your home office if you want to game there frequently, but also have a lot of work and other PC tasks to accomplish on the same computer.

3. Rocker & Console Style
Normally, this kind of gaming chair wouldn’t be used for PC gaming, but with console gaming. However, there are always exceptions due to personal preferences. Console style chairs are set lower to the ground than regular PC gaming chairs, and rocker style gaming chairs are actually on the floor. Rockers do indeed rock (in more ways than one), and you can store accessories inside them and buy units outfitted with built-in speakers. If you set your screen low to the ground, it could be as low as a console would be, and thus, a rocker or console style chair could then serve you well for PC gaming.

There are many benefits of PC gaming chairs over traditional office chairs, ranging from stylistic to comfort and mechanical concerns. And there are several major classes of gaming chair (and hundreds of individual chair choices) to choose from. Any gamer willing to do a little research can find a chair that he or she will be happy with for years and that will boost his or her gaming experience.

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