What is an UpGoat?

Welcome to UpGoat.com web page. This will give you an idea of this project courtesy by @Yehey to promote the existence of STEEM Blockchain.

First remember. STEEM is Fast, 3 seconds or less confirmation and ZERO transaction fees. A lot better than Bitcoin or Ethereum.

So, what is an UpGoat anyway? The UpGoat Project is to support the new members at STEEM blockchain and help their quality contents get noticed instead of using the obvious term “upvote” we prefer to use it as UpGoat it feel sexy and geeky to pronounce it anyway.

How to be part of the project?

  • First, you have to be a member of the steem blockchain. Create your free account at https://yehey.org or https://steemit.com. After confirmation, you will have your account. If you want to skip the waiting and verification, go to https://SteemAccount.com to expidite your account.
  • Then start posting quality contents or commenting to the works of other authors. The best part, you will receive a $ rewards after 7 days of posting or commenting.

How to invest using your Steem Power? Let your Steem Power works for you, delegate Steem Power to @shares and start earning daily. Simply click the amount of Steem Power you want to delegate and we handle the hard work.

How to support @Shares UpGoat.com Project ?

  1. Delegate Steem Powers to @Shares
  2. and Please vote @Yehey for your Witness.

@Shares UpGoat.com Terms of Use. Our main goal is to help promote new members quality contents to get more exposure and help other minnows. A few things to remember about using @shares, consider it as a friendly reminders.

  1. We help to promote quality contents, no plagiarized content, Adults, Hates and Gambling.
  2. We help new members with less than $8000 Estimated Account Value. If you have more than that amount, you may want to delegate some of your Steem Powers to @Shares UpGoat Project.
  3. Please read instruction on how to submit a post.
  4. For updates, please check this page https://tos.UpGoat.com.

Please come back again as we continue to update this page. Bookmark https://UpGoat.com website.

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