Understand the Concept of DAS (Direct Attached Storage)

DAS (Direct Attached Storage) is a digital storage with a direct connection to a personal computer or a server. It is a separate storage system other than the storage network. The most visible examples of DAS are a hard drive in a personal computer and laptop. The DAS is used as storage assortments directly associated with the servers. It proves helpful to discriminate the DAS from other network arrangements, such as SAV and NAS devices. Some main protocols are used for DAS connections, including ATA, eSATA, SATA, SAS, SCSI and Fibre Channel.

It can be a single drive or many drives connected in a RAID array. The devices may reside on the PC or server with internal hard drives, or outside of the laptop with external hard drives and storage appliances. The DAS can be the same for various systems, but the connection to the PC or server should be different. You will need laptop reviews to find out more about DAS.

The DAS is simple and low-cost digital storage system. If you want to install NAS and SAN devices, you have to work with proper planning, purchase, and deployment of the right hardware. You have to install routers, switches, cables, and connections. Recently, some PCs and servers may contain a built-in DAS, but you can add more storage by purchasing the storage device and cables. Maintenance of DAS is quite simple as compared to SAN and DAN solutions that may need management software and monitoring software.

Difference Between DAS, SAN, And NAS

  • Initially, DAS was the only digital storage, but the introduction of SAN and NAS devices made it important to define traditional storage.
  • NAS is a network attached storage, and it offers file-level storage to end users with a direct connection to the network. The combination of DAS and NAS can increase the simplicity of the file sharing process among various users. It offers faster performance as compared to the conventional file server.
  • SAN is a storage area network that provides block-level storage to servers in a data center. SAN is a better option for larger organizations working with various servers. It offers optimum performance and suppleness as compared to DAS. It is also friendly to your budget, but you have to pay an additional cost to buy the SAN hardware.
  • Various SAN and NAS devices are combined to use as a DAS device. The only difference is their attachment, either directly to a server or a network via router and switches.

Implementation of DAS
It is very simple to set up DAS devices because it is available on every PC in the form of hard drive. You can increase the storage of your laptop or desktop by directly attaching a plug and play external hard drive.

DAS is also available with many servers, but it is quite complicated to connect the DAS devices to the server. You have to design a network or get the hardware, including routers and switches. You can add DAS in various forms to additional drives according to the type of server. DAS storage appliance can make it easy to make a direct connection to servers without special technical experts.

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