The best places for backpacking in the world

Whether you are looking for something adventurous, for a trip to the hidden paradises or just because the amount you can spend for vacation is limited because you are a student ,but you want to explore the world backpacking is the perfect solution for vacation. There are ten destinations that considered by the backpackers as the perfect places on earth for discovering, only with your bag and your great joy of knowing all the places that haven’t been reached by anyone else this way before.

Nepal is the paradise for anyone who wants to live the classic Asian culture, combined with tropical nature. Hiking in the still underdeveloped countryside will help you see the beauty of the Asian legacy. Perfect choices for visiting are the Bactapur and Kathmandu valleys. A visit to the Hindu sanctuaries and Buddhist temples are must visit places, such as the famous Pasoupatha, Manakamana and Buddhonkanda.

If you are a young traveller, Thailand is an the perfect option for you, as it has a rich cultural background but also offers accommodation in reasonable prices and great cuisine. Please notice the daily cost in Thailand for all your expenses, included your meals , is not more than 20 dollars per day. You should visit the Buddhist temples, which are architectural masterpieces, such as Wat Stra Kheo, Wat Arun and the Grand Palace in Bangkok.

Backpacking in India is easy and yet very affordable. Eating, lodging and traveling are much cheaper than all the other cities, and in the big cities you’ll find hotels for backpackers only. Remember, however, you will have to forget a hot bath and all the facilities you generally have, as long as you stay in this country.

Sri Lanka
In Sri Lanka, it is worth visiting both the capital of Colombo, which is the country’s commercial center but the countryside too. The feeling you will get there is that you have found yourself at another time of space-time. The people there are very kind and willing to help whenever is needed.

Costa Rica
Volcanoes, national parks, forests, clear lakes, blue sea and marvelous beaches, culture and low cost: Welcome to Costa Rica. The Corcovado National Park is one of the most important tropical places, but if you want to find a quieter paradise, the Palo Verde National Park is a great choice too. And because in Costa Rica you will have many opportunities to dive into waterfalls and natural hot springs, the swimsuit in the backpack is a must!

Many travelers around the world pick Turkey as their destination because of the impressive landscapes, food and, as it is obvious, because of the budget.. Being the zero point of Asia with Europe, multiculturalism, particularly depicted in Instambul, makes it a pole of attraction for backpackers. In any case, the trip to the city must include a long visit to the Grand Bazaar, one of the largest in the 15th century, hosting more than 4,000 shops with all the good of the world!

Peru is a great place to visit. Tropical forests, monuments and beaches are all at your disposal. The capital of Lima is a good place to start your journey: all you need is a map, to know a few basic Spanish to get together and a good pair of walking shoes.

And yet Nicaragua is a very good proposal before it becomes a busy and expensive destination! It combines wildlife with tranquility, decadent civilizations and wonderful nature. Do not miss Granada that is an architectural monument, and you can see Laguna de Ogio, a volcanic lake, too. The best time for visiting Nicaragua is from December to February.

Another destination that you will not need to spend a lot of money, while being next to giant trees into the wild, beautiful beaches with crystal clear green waters. You can choose one of the hundreds of islands that are available for staying there . You can start your journey from Sumatra, where you can sleep in local houses, listening to the sounds of monkeys, enchant from the morning mist or read a book next to a giant waterfall. Choose Bali as the following destination, where a lot of sea activities are taking place there such as surfing, fishing, snorkeling. You can also make a present to yourself by taking yoga on private beach Bali can offer to the visitors.

While Italy and Greece are considered expensive destinations for a traveller with a backpack, Albania seems to be a good alternative choice for those who love to travel with their stuff on their bag. Apart from the fact that the cost of living is too low,you are in the Mediterranean, in a country of architectural and cultural interest and beaches that remind us of the Greek or the Italian ones.

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