Virtual reality and the travel industry

While 2016 was dubbed as being the year of virtual reality, the buzz surrounding its technology and the opportunities it presents are still very much on the agenda for many industries. The travel sector in particular has created further traction in getting adventure seekers excited for future possibilities when it comes to offering a brand new way to experience the world through 360 degree immersive lands and video.

Immersive investigation

If you are a frequent holiday goer you will most probably have collected your own collection of stories in relation to finding out that your chosen hotel or travel destination did not quite live up to your expectations. With virtual reality the element of surprise and not knowing what to expect will help travellers to ‘try before they buy’ and will either deter or convince them from booking their net adventure. This idea could potentially save customers money and also encourage hotels and destinations to make changes that will make them more appealing to travellers.


One of the benefits of VR is that we will no longer have to rely on pictures and descriptions to showcase hotels around the world. With virtual reality technology we will be able to plug in and check out a destination prior to booking and check out the room and facilities in advance.

See the world

For some people something that holds them back from discovering new destinations is the pressure of having to research and scout out whether the particular city or place in the world is right for them. With VR you will be better able to find out whether a destination is perfect for your next adventure and have a more visual and in depth understanding of what to expect when you are there.

Soon to become mainstream

Just as you have become used to touch screen gadgets and iPads when attending travel industry events, you will most probably soon find that VR will become a mainstream tool used in holiday and travel sales. This will revolutionise the way that we sell a destination.

Expectations vs reality

With virtual reality the danger can be that once you are able to use the tool to be in a location without actually leaving your home, your expectations are likely to shift in the future as VR becomes more integrated. This will mean that luxury holiday companies and hotels will need to up their game in a bid to make their destinations more enticing, thus making the market more likely and responsive to people’s needs.

With this new technology setting to transform the way that we view and interact with the world you may well soon see the likes of the travel industry reshaped beyond recognition. The days of having to apply for your E111 card may well soon be a thing of the past, with travel to anywhere from Europe to the most far flung corners of the world soon to take over our lives. Getting lost in another world has never become such an accessible concept!

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