Washington DC – Fourth of July (Independence Day) Celebration

The best place to celebrate the Independence Day – Fourth of July, where else? Washington DC.

Here are some of photos taken during our family visit in Washington DC. Photographer EM @KING.NET

The first photo of Washington DC Monument of 2017. Yehey!

The picture below is the National Museum of African American History and Culture. This is a new museum in Washington DC and I’ve heard a lot of good feedback. It’s always full, definitely on my bucket list to visit. One day schedule for this one, soon.

We want close to the Washington Monument, there is a long line roughly 15 minutes waiting time but it’s worth it.

We’re in. Walking following the herd of tourist.

Taking some pictures as we walk along …

At the center of Washington DC – Monument, a big crowd waiting for the show.


and more pictures.


This is a lovely sunset.

Another set of pictures …


Washington DC – Monument at night.


And the fireworks begin…


After taking some videos. I am out of space 🙁 I was not able to take the last 10-15 minutes of the amazing display of fireworks.

I hope you enjoy these pictures. Photograph by EM @KING.NET for and

Life, Liberty and Pursuit of happiness to each other.


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