What happen to Telebit.org?

The Telebit.org website is down since September 13 when I first noticed it and still down when I write this article. The default page of WIX is shown when you visit Telebit.org, see the captured screen below.

September 13, 2016. Telebit.org website is down.
September 13, 2016. Telebit.org website is down.

“Telebit, a new service that enables Telegram users to send bitcoins between phones, is now available to the 50 million users of the popular instant messaging system.” (2016, Cointelegraph.com)

I checked my Telegram and connect to Telebit Sender (@telebit), it is not responding to my inquiries such as Help, Wallet or Balance. Though the Telebit Bitcoin Wallet (@bitcoinwalletbot) still working.

I tried google to find out what happen, but no luck. Maybe I should try Bing 🙂 I saw Telebit.com Money Matters website.

Did you know what happen? Share with us.


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