is a condenser website like List of other condenser sites and apps that you can trust.

I don’t post much about website so I guess it’s about time to share it again. is just another condenser websites like commonly use in Social Network powered by Steem Blockchain. The cool feature about is configured with Geolocation and Load Balancers, if one server goes down, the other server will pickup the traffic and will continue to serve accessing the STEEM Blockchain without any interruption.

The only drawback at this time, it is dependent to the only RPC nodes the support JUSSI. So if the is busy or down, this will affect all condenser websites out there. I’m still testing the appbase support, will update once it’s completed.

With so many phishing incidents, it’s hard for the community to trust other condenser websites. But YOU need these condenser websites as your alternative gateway to access the steem blockchain. You need a backup website, if the primary is not accessible due to maintenance, busy or simply overload. These condenser websites, witness nodes, and apps makes us a true decentralized network.

So here’s the list of some condenser websites out there serving the community that you can trust.

My post will not be in the trending page so probably will not get notice but with your help by commenting, upvote and resteeming this post might move a bit.

For Mobile Apps, we know the following.

If I missed your condenser websites or apps, please post a comment below and I will update the list.

Thank you

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