Entrepreneur starting a small business.

If you are starting a business most likely you’re working from home for your start up, a virtual office. Here’s some basic information for you to start your dream business.

  1. First you need a domain name (visit NeedName.com or Moscom.com to register a domain name.). You ask why do you need a domain name? Your domain name will be the face of your company, this will be your Internet address in cyber space, your home page to provide your company information, contact, address, products and services. You will create your brand, and your matching domain name will help you spread the news using your website and email address to communicate with you prospective customers and vendors. Remember, domain name is a must for a business.
  2. You will need a personalize email address not @gmail.com or @yahoo.com. You will use your own domain name for your email address. For example, your company name is Que.com (it’s our sister company), then your email address should be yourname@que.com. You will send and receive email using your company email address. You are creating your brand while you build your business. How do you create your own email address? Once you have your domain name for your business, you will buy a service provided by Microsoft Office 354 or Google Apps. For this example, I will recommend Microsoft Office 365 assuming you’re already familiar with the Office application. The Office 365 Small Business Premium is $12.50/month that includes a desktop copy of Office applications e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Access and Lync. Your alternative email solution is Google Apps, both are cloud based solutions. The setup is provided by step-by-step procedures, and if you got issues configuring your email. A technical support will always available to assist.
  3. You now have the domain name and email address. Let’s build your website, I highly recommend to use WordPress content management system for your website, create amazing website, easy to learn and easy to manage. Power your WordPress website with 24×7 customer service from Moscom.com.
  4. Then connect your website to all available social media network for free distribution of your company news and announcement. Create an account using Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus and Linkedin. This is free and effective way to establish your business network.

That’s all. Go make some money. Please don’t forget to apply for your Inc or LLC for your business.


  • I registered and managed KING.NET domain name at NeedName.com and host our website with Moscom.com.
  • I use Google Apps for email, and use Office 365 for other companies.
  • Our website is powered by WordPress open source.


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