7 Places That You Should Visit When You Are Over 30

Perhaps you are surprised by the title of the article. Does age mean anything if a person lives in a spirit of adventurism? It turns out, yes, it is. A novice traveler is easy to surprise and difficult to scare. He is ready to travel around the planet with an empty wallet, dividing the shelter and the table with a bunch of other young and daring people, enjoying the simplest things. But the more experience you get, the higher the bar is: in 30 you want comfort and special impressions. Routes become more complex and more original, the calls are bolder, the sensations are brighter.

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Monte Carlo, Monaco

Those who enjoy the luxury more than extreme, it is worth looking into the heart of respectable Monaco – Monte Carlo with its world-famous casino. For 150 years, in the luxuriantly cleaned halls, serious passions are boiling: millionaires and scammers, stars and mere mortals lose fortunes and win fabulous amounts of money in roulette, poker, baccarat and blackjack. To try your luck, you will have to dress up (dress code: evening dresses and tuxedos) and pay for the entrance.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

It’s time to improve your health, but you are bored by common spa? It is an excellent opportunity to go to Iceland, where there is a unique geothermal lake of the Blue Lagoon. The Reykjanes peninsula is formed from a porous lava through which seawater seeps, enriched with useful microelements and heated up to +37 … + 40 ° C throughout the year.

Over the lake of the color of the sky, surrounded by the walls of the mountains, thick clouds of steam swirling – there is something to admire, until the skin becomes smooth, and immunity – strong.

Mont-Saint-Michel, France

Every French castle is a legend frozen in stone, and the mountain Mont Saint Michel is no exception. On the site where the first Christians prayed, a monastery was built in the far 8th century, which managed to survive countless battles and sieges, which once became a prison and again became a peaceful abbey. The history of this castle is a story of ups and downs. At the foot of the castle stretches a gigantic plain, which is regularly flooded by the raging ocean, because of the most powerful currents in Europe. And the island, crowned by a church spire, thin and sharp, like a needle, still rises unperturbed above it.

By the way, Mont-Saint-Michel became the prototype of the fortress of Minas Tirith from the “Lord of the Rings”.

Sahara, North Africa

A trip to the Sahara is an unforgettable experience: kilometers of sand, scorched by the ruthless sun, inspire awe. It is not necessary to limit oneself to riding on jeeps: in Tunisia you should visit Lake Schott El Jerid, where Star Wars was filmed, in Egypt – the emerald oasis of Siwa, in Morocco – the fortress of Ait Benhaddou, shining in a string of popular blockbusters.

Maui, United States

There are many places in the world where nature challenges a person, and it is they who attract extremals who are used to checking themselves for strength and conquering dangerous peaks. To get the coveted dose of adrenaline, you can stand on the surfboard and stay one on one with the wave. And having learned to master the elements masterfully, find the most powerful waves in the world – in the bay of Piahi on the island of Maui – and try to win it, if you are not scared.

Tulum, Mexico

Beach plus excursions are a win-win classic, and if you are bored by the European coast , it’s time to go to Tulum. Life here is rustically measured, and the landscapes are a delight: almost the best in all of Mexico beaches with white sand, clear water and steep cliffs. But the main magnet of the Yucatan Peninsula is the ruins of the mysterious Mayan civilization: temples, houses, towers and fortresses.

Masai Mara, Kenya

Kenya meets guests in different ways, but in each one it awakens something ancient, primitive: it can not be otherwise in the place, where human civilization originate . It remains only to admire the nature of the Masai Mara, while lions, elephants, leopards and rhinoceros march majestically near you. Sleeping in lodges in the midst of the savannah, cautiously listening to every rustle. Feeling the creeps on the skin, watching the rituals of the proud Masai. In general, to return to the origins, while visiting Kenya – it is truly awesome experience, that can easily change your life.

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