Welcome to webpage. I’ve been writing how-to-guide articles for quite some time, well many years. I’ve lost track of these documents due to moving from static content to different content management system (CMS), where to get the money to pay for hosting and other technical reasons. You probably in the same boat like me. In every problem there is always a solution. The good news is our content management platform is now stable thank you WordPress, and we are here to share the blessing with you.

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From PHPNuke to PostNuke to Joomla, to WordPress to Photo Blogging (Plogging, sharing memories using pictures that matters to you), now Platform Blogging (read Julia Greenberg’s article at Wired ‘So long blogging. Hello plogging’.) where you can be a contributor to write what most matters to you without costing any money to start blogging, with instant readers and followers. Meaning you have exposure to your articles instantly and receive feedback.

What can you write? Anything what matters to you e.g. your work, about life, sharing selfies, photography, sports, cyber security, robotic project, cooking and ideas.

What not accepted? Nudity, Gambling and other  illegal stuff. We want our community for everyone.

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If you have something to add, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Contact us, please use this form or leave a reply below.

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Thank you.

Interested to read our story. Plogging is born (May 20, 2005)

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