Shopping apps security and safety measures – Stay safe when shopping digitally

The world has evolved and now people are able to simply order things online and have them brought to their doorstep. It’s pretty cool how technology has advanced in such a way that now we get all these convenience perks. However, keep in mind that not everyone on the internet is going to be nice and well intentioned. Some will in fact try to cause you harm and steal your private information, so keep that in mind the next time you decide to pull out your credit card to pay for something. That’s what we’re going to talk about today actually, security. It’s so easy to get scammed or wronged online today that it’s very important to remember some tips on how to protect your identity. Just like you would get a protective wallet from against credit card theft, you should always take the appropriate precautions in order to ensure your own safety online. Take a look at these tips before you make any more online purchases.

Untrustworthy apps

Some shopping apps might promise sweet deals and really enticing offers but you need to abstain yourself from shopping with apps that aren’t trustworthy. Try to only shop with well known apps that you can trust. If you find a new app, go online and read the app’s reviews. Make sure that other people have done it first and check to see what they’ve had to say about the shopping experience. The best course of action is still to avoid any merchants or suppliers that you have never heard of.

Be careful what info you give

When you commit to shopping online, you are going to offer some information about yourself. Your address for instance, since the website or app is going to need to know where to send you your order, and also credit card information so they can charge you. They will not however need to know your social security number or birthday for that matter. If a service asks information that isn’t normally required, abort making business with them. Identity theft and theft of private information can be some of the most dangerous things today.

SSL protection is a must

If you’re shopping online, make sure that the website in question has SSL protection. SSL means Secure Sockets Layer and it’s basically an encryption protection which it an absolute must. It will vouch for the security of that website and it will reassure you of the fact that you can trust that merchant. Websites that have such protection will be usually marked by the browser and an icon representing it will be placed near the address bar.

As the digital spectrum gains more and more popularity over traditional means of shopping, it’s important to stay safe and to make sure that you’re not scheming for your money.

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