We have some on-going Robotics, Drones, AI and Machine Learning Projects. You can keep up with us through this page (TestRobot.com). Instead of creating one BIG Robot Project e.g. Autonomous Robot. I will create piece by piece, a small project to completion. In this way, I know I can accomplish a small project, continue to learn and test new ideas.

Some ideas I have in mind that I would like to see working in my Autonomous Robot.

  • Facial Recognition using Alexa (or Echo), Amazon Rekognition and Raspberry Pi.
  • Self Balancing Robot using Raspberry Pi.
  • Robot that sees objects and identify it using Machine Learning TensorFlow. I still don’t know what to call this robot.
  • Drone – Autonomous Robot – search for target.
  • Custom Aerial Vehicle (CAV) project.
  • Talking robot using Machine Learning for continuous learning. Something like Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google, but better.
  • and more …

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Thank you.

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