Victims, suspect in northern Quebec slayings were related

A loud noise woke Jimmy Kaitak around 8 a.m. on Saturday. When he stepped outside he saw Illutak Anautak, known around the small northern town of Akulivik, Que., as a quiet young man with a heavy past.

Anautak was on his phone, Kaitak said. He didn’t think much of the scene, until he saw the knife that Anautak was carrying.

“It was scary,” Kaitak told CBC News. “I hid. I didn’t want him to see me.”

From his home in Akulivik, Kaitak watched as someone ran away from Anautak. The fleeing figure covered several hundred metres before collapsing.

Officers from Kativik Regional Police arrived on the scene soon after, confronting Anautak with their guns drawn.

Kaitak, the assistant town manager, couldn’t see what happened next, but Quebec’s independent investigations bureau (BEI) said Saturday that local police fired twice at Anautak, killing him.

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Prayers to all the victims.

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