What are the most popular cosmetic procedures in Turkey?

Medical tourism is worth approximately $460 billion and this figure is set to continue to grow as not only goes travel become more widely available and cheaper, but the cost of treatments abroad decreases in price too. In Turkey in particular, you will find that the cost of accommodation and travel is in fact a very small part of the overall cost of the procedure and you will also be able to benefit from high quality procedures and top of the range equipment being used too. Here are some of the most popular cosmetic procedures that you can benefit from when you travel to Turkey:

Hair transplant

Your hair can begin to fall out for a number of reasons, and regardless of these reasons, the effect of a receding hairline can have a detrimental effect on your confidence and self-esteem. Hair transplants in Turkey are among one of the most popular treatments for men as they are not only affordable but highly effective too. You can find some of the most reputable surgeons helping both men and women alike in helping their hair grow back through the use of advanced procedures that are cost effective and not overly invasive.

Breast augmentation

There has been a massive demand for breast surgery in Turkey and this is very much reflected in the standard of quality of the procedure being undertaken here. The surgeons here are very well equipped and offer an exceptionally high standard of results that mimic those seen in Western countries. Whether you ae after a breast enlargement, reduction or any other form or breast procedure undertaken, Turkey has a great deal to offer you.

Face and neck lift

Face and neck lifts are some of the most popular procedures that people have in Turkey. The procedure aims to remove excess skin and remove the appearance of wrinkles which ultimately leads to a more youthful appearance. The cost of a facelift in Turkey can vary due to a number of different factors which include operating room facilities, medical fees, anaesthesia type etc., but are generally considered to be more cost effective than some parts of the UK. They also benefit from being able to offer you the use of high quality and advanced operating techniques.


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