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New to Domain Name Investing? No problem, here are the resources I’ve used over the years in domain investing. I hope this will help cut short your research to build your knowledge based. Care to share your tools, reading materials, etc. drop me an email to EM @ MAJ.COM and I will add you to the list.

Bloggers: Learn from the established Domain Investors. I tried to share as much as possible but old timer had already wrote some insightful articles for you to read.

  • You must start reading Rick Schwartz “Domain King” blog, though he stopped blogging last June 17, 2014. The blog website still live, you have a lots of information to digest. Don’t go anywhere till you visit his blog.
  • by Michael Berkens. He shares news about domain business.
  • by Eric Borgos.
  • by Andrew Allemann
  • by Michael Cyger
  • (formerly known as Elliot’s Blog) by Elliot Silver
  • and many more, still updating …

Registrars: You need a domain name registrar to manage your domain properties.

  • I became Enom Technology Partner early Y2002 using their private label. Check it at Domain Name Registration Services. Want to become one of Enom reseller, visit website.
  • No.1 domain registrar in the USA (maybe in the world). They continue to grow and support New gTLDs. I have hundreds of domain names through them why not become a partner. I founded to provide domain name registration services and Managed WordPress Hosting. A reseller program is also available at a affordable price. You can choose Basic or Pro Reseller, for details click here.
  • is owned by Frank Schilling, one of the most successful entrepreur in domain industry.
  • I use their service to register or buy domain name. I recently purchased and many brandable domain assets from their after market.
  • and many more, still updating …

Escrow Services: For safe transaction of buying and selling domain names.

  • (USA). I prefer to use this service as much as possible.
  • (China). Domain market in China is big and they prefer to use this company. I’ve used them with my Chinese buyers.
  • Escrow services. I’ve used their escrow service for my installment plans to acquire premium domain properties. Read “How to own a Premium Domain Name
  • I also used their escrow service for installment plan.

After Market and Auctions. You need to build your portfolio, check these after market sites.

Forums. Learn from other community.

  • I am an old time member as “TheWatcher
  • – Our very own Domain Community. 🙂
  • now owned by Trellian Company. I am member too.
  • I am an old time member as “KING dot NET” last known as TheWatcher. Defunct. Read story about Adam Dicker.

Whois Tools: To check the domain name records.

I will continue to update this page to add new and exciting tools to share. If you got something to share, please use the comment below for your suggestions.


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