The best apps to download for long haul flights

Travel is increasingly on the rise with flights being cheaper than ever and Airbnb giving us access to affordable and central accommodation. Once you’ve booked your trip and organised your ESTA and travel insurance, it is then time to ensure that all of your inflight essentials are ready and waiting for you on that 17 hour flight to Bali. Let’s face it, few people really enjoy being stuck on a plane for hours on end, so in order to make the experience all the more enjoyable, we have accumulated some of the very best apps for you to download prior to boarding on your next long haul flight. Whether you have access to WiFi on your aircraft or not, our apps will guarantee to keep you entertained so that you arrive at your destinations before you know it, sans boredom!

Sim City Build It

Never leave your precious Sim family all alone when going away on holiday again by downloading the Sim City Build It app. This new app is the perfect in flight alternative and while you won’t be able to connect with your Sims back home you will be able to have just as much fun without mobile friendly offline version. Who doesn’t love the sound of making your very own Sim community from 30,000 feet?!


Regardless of whether you are Android or IPad user, you will be able to enjoy the calming effect that Spirits has on your nerves if you are an anxious traveller. The aim of the game here to navigate some adorable looking ghosts through a series of obstacles which will detract you from any fears you may have during turbulence.

National Geographic World Atlas

Why not use the time you have on your long haul flight by bushing up on your knowledge of the world with the National Geographic World Atlas app? It will help to make sure that time flies by allowing you to learn more about all of the countries of the world. Engrossing and educational!


Spotify Premium has the perk of being able to go offline and allows you to save thousands of songs to your device so that you can listen to all your favourite tunes without the need to have access to the internet. You can curate your very own playlist to get you in the holiday spirit!


Think back to all the times when you came across something interesting to read online and made a mental note to do so but then forgot and never got to follow through? Well then this is the app for you! Pocket allows you to keep all of your online articles in an offline folder so that you can indulge in a little catch up reading when waiting for the time to fly when you’re up in the sky.

If you have any app suggestions for other readers to make a note of, be sure to comment down below. And always remember to pack your portable charger so that you never run out of juice when killing time on your next vacation!

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